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Provincial Nominee Program - Entrepreneur

In September 2018, the Atlantic Canada Entrepreneur Category migrated to a Work Permit Stream, whereby applicants will come to the Province and run a business for 1 year before being nominated and later receiving permanent residency (PR).

  • No security deposit

  • Speedy provincial processing (an interview will be scheduled approximately 4-7 months after the complete application is filed).

  • When the applicant’s family moves to Canada, the children can attend public school for free (kindergarten to grade 12).  Post-graduate students will pay foreign student rates until permanent residence is received.

  • Medical care will be free for the family after residing for at least 3 months.

  • The spouse can obtain an open work permit.

  • Fast federal processing is expected (9-12 months in most posts).

Hockey Puck

Applicants must meet the following criteria:


  • Intend to settle in one of the Atlantic Provinces, and to manage or own a business.

  • Make a minimum investment of CDN $150,000 in the business.

  • Have a minimum of CDN $600,000 in Net Worth (principal applicant's and spouse’s assets combined).

  • Be able to document the source of funds for CDN $600,000 (it must be earned through the applicant's own endeavors; loans and gifts cannot be used).

  • Be between 21 and 59 years of age.

  • Have completed at least 12 years of school (completed secondary school).

  • Have a minimum of 3 years (in the past 5 years) of transferable management or business ownership experience, directly managing at least 3 employees.

  • Have basic proficiency in English or French.

Application Process:

The Provincial Government has implemented an Expression of Interest model of file submission.  Under this model, the applicant must provide preliminary documents to us electronically to enable us to create the applicant’s Expression of Interest profile. We will evaluate the client’s qualifications, and suggest ways in which he/she may increase his/her score if applicable.


Once the Provincial Government selects an applicant, full papers should be arranged and prepared. We will review/process the file and submit it to the Government.  


The Government will review the file and invite the applicant for an interview.  We will arrange the applicant’s itinerary, assist the applicant during the exploratory visit, and prepare him/her for the interview.


Following a successful interview, the Provincial Government will issue a Letter of Support to the applicant, enabling him/her to obtain a Work Permit and move to the Province.  The applicant must start a business within the Province, and run it for 1 year (while the family is living there) before being nominated.


Following nomination, the applicant’s federal file is submitted.  The applicant and family will continue to live and run the business in the province until permanent residence visa issuance.

Filling Out a Form
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